Brasserie de Montbenon, Lausanne, Switzerland


J’ai finalement pensé à aussi faire des articles en francais, étant donné que c’est ma 2eme langue maternelle!

Donc la Brasserie de Montbenon est en train de devenir une veritable institution a Lausanne, au même titre que le café de Grancy (Oh bizarre, ne serait-ce pas les mêmes personnes derrieres ce concept?)

Ils sont fait donc revivre ce magnifique lieu, l’ont transformé en brasserie acceuillant jeune, vieux, moins jeune, moins vieux, familles, etudiants, jeunes travailleurs. La vie se retrouve dans ce lieu et les gens s’y retrouvent!

Les plats sont très bon, orienté brasserie/bistrot, fait avec des produits locaux principalement. C’est dommage, on ne peut pas toujours tout goûter, mais on y revient! Les tartares sont excellents, les salades aussi! La part de risotto est un peu petite dans les plats de viande ou poisson. Sinon rien a redire. C’est devenu notre 2eme point de repere (avec le café de Grancy). Mais la terrasse de la Brasserie decoiffe!


I’ve been to Brasserie de Montbenon in Lausanne many times since the opening earlier this year. It is a very nice place, a bit loud in the evening, as it is packed up with people.

Fois gras, beef tartare, salmon tartare, salads, …everything is good! French-style brasserie with local products.

Check out this place if you’re around Lausanne, and don’t forget to book a table!

Could be part of my daily routine if I wasn’t working outside of town.

Enjoy its atmosphere!


Cafe Murano – St James – London

I was running the Royal Parks Half Marathon last Sunday so I wanted to have pasta on Saturday night. This is how we ended up in Cafe Murano by St James, London. The place itself is nice for romantic dinner as well as a get-together with friends. This restaurant is a good place to eat traditional and seasonal Italian food. I took as a starter a potato, rocket and pistachio salad, and Tagliatelle with Romano peppers, pine nuts and pecorino cheese as main course.  It was very good but the portion are a bit small even though I took the “large” portion. My friend ordered the very traditional Vitello tonato which was all in one, very good also and also took as main course another pasta dish : fettuccine, girolles, butternut and baby spinach. As Italian food lovers, we were very happy with these very simple but nonetheless amazing dishes.

We thought we could bring our friends next time there!

28-50 Maddox Street – London

We went to this nice restaurant last Saturday. It is one of our favorite in London. Not because of the super-excellent food, nor it is a 3-star restaurant. But I have loved the concept. Selling very nice wine bottles with good and simple food.

The meat there is excellent, well cooked and tender. I always take the onglet! Maybe I should be a little more exotic next time and taste the seafood!

We had a bottle of Leoville Barton 2001, a Bordeaux wine. They took a very long time to bring the bottle and didn’t even open the bottle beforehand. This wine needs a good 4-hour decanting I guess. We finished the wine the next day and it was much more enjoyable and we could feel all the fruits.

Regarding the food, the meat is excellent. I had took chips as side order but it is not worth it and adds a bad smell and taste to the meat. Next time I’ll take vedges or a salad.